Pedro and Sophie bring a wealth of shared experience to their clients.


Working with sensitivity, mind body integration and nurturing touch, the treatment intention is above all else, to assist in a rediscovery of how health feels, with the supportive belief that we all have the power to heal ourselves.

The combination of massage therapy and Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a powerful partnering - giving the opportunity to understand both the root causes of trauma and pain in relationship to symptoms - which are often the reason clients feel it is time to see a therapist. 


Specialising in stress and trauma resolution and relieving chronic or longstanding pain, Pedro and Sophie's desire is to support you to feel empowered about your healing journey. Their unique treatment technique helps the mind and body to work harmoniously, leading to an increase in vitality and the ability to self-heal.  


25 years of



Brazilian born Pedro was introduced to physiotherapy, massage and osteopathy in his late teens when he suffered an injury which halted his calling into a future involving professional football. This injury led him to understanding the immense impact that intuitive healing can have in an individual’s life and inspired him to help others therapeutically as a career.

Pedro has had the opportunity to live and learn in different countries and cultures during his adult life and the connections and shared experiences he has collected have made him the professional he is today. A desire to stay connected to healing communities took him into teaching, with the aim to assist other therapists to evolve in their careers and to continue himself to grow personally and professionally. 


With experience in many different methods of massage from sports and remedial work to transformative Craniosacral therapy, he offers a series of complementary services designed to fit each client's specific needs - supporting them in their own self-healing journey.


Some of Sophie's first memories involve massage and bodywork - her mother was a yoga teacher and taught her to walk up and down her back Thai-style at the age of 3.


In her mid 20's she left her job in media, and started her training as a therapist. Over her career thus far, she has taught massage and healing philosophy in over 25 countries and spent time in Asia, the United States and Europe learning how different cultures heal themselves. 


In her work, she combines her passion for natural health and the powerful benefits of complementary therapies with her practised knowledge of various advanced techniques, to provide her clients with effective, unique treatments and advice. 

With a strong belief that strong support systems help us to be our very best, Sophie sees treatment as a reminder to trust in your body and mind and takes much pleasure in assisting clients to better look after themselves.

•   In the state of love, no matter what you do, it's going to be good   •
- Paramahansa Yogananda 


Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Editor

"As someone whose job involves reviewing massages, it takes someone truly extraordinary to make me come back for more. I have been a loyal client of Sophie's ever since my first visit. I have a pretty full-on schedule, that involves lots of travel (not great for my posture + spine) and long hours crouched over a computer (hello lower back pain), plus painful chronic shoulder tension. Sophie's technique has led to real long-term changes, my body feels looser, more flexible and my mind is calmer. She has improved my life by making me pain-free and much more relaxed."